Author : Jaume Marcé, Joan Mas, Carles Molinet and Aina Salom
ISBN: 978-84-616-5976-0.
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When I presented the volume that the Foundation published to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its creation, I wrote that "ten years ago it was committed to a model of self-management, financing shared with proven institutions and sponsors, at risk in one Programming always worried about the quest for quality, commitment to the training of theater professionals, the desire to consolidate alternative and ambitious scenic spaces "and think that this can be said now that the gene has doubled the years of our existence. We are where we were, with the same desire to work for the project of providing our neighborhood, our city, our island with a theatrical postcard that satisfies the cultural ambition of those who, over these twenty years, have He has shown his fidelity and also seduce those who come or have come to know us more sporadically. When we look back and review each and every one of the scenic proposals we have carried out, both in programming, as well as in production, training or theatrical outreach, we are proud of what we have done. We are confident that we were wrong more than once, but the group satisfied and, frankly, we believe that it has been worth the trouble to work to achieve what we have achieved. And that we have to continue doing it. To affirm it is not an excess of vanity, because it is not at all difficult to imagine the effort, the tenacity, the inventiveness that we have had to unfold because all this has been possible.