Author : Jaume Marcé, Joan Mas, Carles Molinet, Carme Planells and Aina Salom
ISBN: 84-95694-70-0.
Legal deposit:.
Price: € 10.

The ten years of existence of Teatre del Mar have served to build an illusioned theatrical project that has demonstrated its ability to overcome difficulties and to continue with courage and fidelity the course that had initially been marked . A project shared by many people who has achieved their vitality precisely because they knew what role they wanted to play in the theatrical scene of Mallorca and their full conviction that this role had to be played by someone. Ten years of commitment to a model of self-management, financing shared with private institutions and sponsors, risk in a program that is always concerned about the pursuit of quality and innovation, with the aim of consolidating alternative and ambitious scenic spaces. [...] This book contains the most important achievements of the ten years of its history. A period of time in which we have seen, step by step, as a parochial hall of cinematographic screenings in disuse, the former Sala Rex, has become a versatile space of technically well-equipped scenic performances. It is also an era that has already served to leave some collective images that will accompany them forever more in the collective memory of a good group of viewers. Our vote is directed because this ten years will only be the start of a long and profitable career.