Author : Biel Jordà, Pere Fullana, Joan Carles Bellviure and Rafel Duran.
ISBN: 978-84-612-7123.
Legal deposit: PM-2284-2008.
Publication: January 16, 2009.
Price: € 12.


Four of the most outstanding creators of Mallorca have joined, for the first time, to create a show and give us their vision about the current Mallorca. Each of them has focused on a topic based on this idea and has produced a short piece, with theatrical language and the style that is their own. The result is four sequences-fictions; Behind the mirror of Biel Jordà, outside the field of Joan Carles Bellviure, Especulatio by Pere Fullana and Mo (n) struari Barceló by Rafael Duran, who confess an original and plural spectacle, which is also a panoramic visit to the creative moment of Mallorcan scene.