Author : Consell de Mallorca
ISBN: 978-84-935124-2.
Legal deposit: B-22.576-2007
Publication: April 1, 2007
Price: € 8.

PESAEM Strategic Plan of the Sector of the Performing Arts of Mallorca It is a pioneering exeprience within the Spanish State of participatory management of the sector in a specific community field. It has been promoted by the Department of Culture of the Consell de Mallorca and has had the collaboration of the representative organizations of the sector. Based on the analysis of the data obtained, it presents a diagnostic approach to the sector in Mallorca, defines strategic objectives and proposes the measures that need to be promoted to achieve them. The opuscle also includes two papers presented at the closing ceremony that deal with the relationship between theater and society and public-private cooperation. We believe it would be interesting to promote similar experiences in other territorial areas and that this publication presents an excellent model of reference.