As it appears in its Bylaws, the Patronage of the Teatre del Mar Foundation consists of two different groups of landlords: life patrons, responsible for ensuring continuity of the Foundation, and temporary patterns. In 1994 the figure of honorary and honorary landlords was created posthumously.

Current Board of Trustees



  • Gabriel González del Valle
  • Josep Maria Ibáñez Lledós
  • Nofre Moyà Sureda
  • Rafel Lladó Vidal
  • Gabriel Mesquida Amengual
  • Antoni Picó Aguiló
  • Asociación Espectadores del Teatro del Mar
  • Joan Casasayas Bestard
  • Gabriel Jordà and Ramis
  • Pep Coll Partners
  • Joan Sánchez Espigares
  • Pedro Llinas Garcia
  • Roser Ramos Elías
  • Luis Manuel Ortas Paz


  • President of the Government of the Balearic Islands
  • President of the Consell de Mallorca
  • Mayor of the City Council of Palma
  • Maruja Alfaro Brenchat
  • Rafel Lladó Brusotto
  • Horacio Sapere Grima
  • Joan Maria Melis


Other bodies of the foundation

The Board of Trustees is the highest body of the Foundation, which delegates to the Governing Board, which is responsible for the government, administration and representation of the Foundation, and is assisted by the Board of Directors and the team. The Board of Directors is responsible for proposing and executing the lines of action of the Foundation in everything that refers to the coordination and supervision of the activities agreed upon by the Board of Trustees. This is the composition of the Board of Governors, the Board of Directors and the team in 2004

Governing board

  • President, Joan Mas and Vives
  • Vice-president, Jaume Marcé and Recasens
  • Director, Carles Molinet Picó
  • Secretary, Alberto de Juan Carrasco
  • Treasurer, David Roig Merino
  • Vowel, Government of the Balearic Islands, Ms. Catalina Solivellas Rotger
  • Vowel, Council of Mallorca, Mr. Bel Busquets Hidalgo,
  • Vocal, Ayuntamiento de Palma, Mr. Miquel Angel Contreras Ramis
  • Manager, Aina Salom Ripoll

Board of directors

  • Address, Carles Molinet Picó
  • Management, Aina Salom Ripoll