March 4-6
Friday and Saturday 8:30 p.m.
Sunday 7pm

Company: Epidèmia Teatre.
Dramaturgy: Sílvia Navarro, Gemma Sangerman.
Direction: Gemma Sangerman.
Interpretation: Aida Llop, Mireia Lorente-Picó, Lluís Oliver, Joan Sáez
Duration: 80 min

Three zarzuelas in one. Fresh, comical and rhyming. Pitarra and Vidal and Valenciano return to the stage as classics of today to make us kill our penalties. Four actors and a musician, mistela drinkers, make a zarzuela of trouble in a tailor shop: Corina is waiting for her prince charming, but her mother plans for her to marry Don Mateu, an old acquaintance of the Sastra; the Sastra falls in love with Titus, Maria's fiancé ... Tailors, doctors and parrots spice up the dish within the versatility of a musical comedy.

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