Already in the genesis of the project, in the writing of the Fundational letter, the vocation of public service from private management was included as the main axis. The public service should mark the artistic line of the programming and the activities that will be carried out. On the other hand, the private management model should allow for an agile organization and with the possibility of incorporating private resources through the board of trustees, the entries to the activities and the search for agreements with other entities.

In 1992, a project was drawn up that was distributed among public institutions, entities and personalities of the cultural world. The result was 100 adheres to the project of entities and personalities; the Teatre del Mar gathered in a space the aspirations that, in theater, they had many of the outstanding people of the culture of this land. These adhesions took place at the signing of the

Foundation Letter  


The Fundació Teatre del Mar responds to a joint initiative of a group of professionals and entities from diverse backgrounds. The common objective of this confluence of private interests is to satisfy a public need that is totally linked to the theater: creating a private theater with a public purpose.

A public theater must be able to carry out a creative, professional, artistic, human and civic function, which will be stimulated by the help of the spectators, and it can not be, only an activity administered and financed by the public institutions . For this reason, a public theater can only be originated from a nucleus, however small it may be, and from a professional experience with a clear and responsible vocation for service and love for theater, and with absolute respect for what has to be a true public theater.

The formula to make this idea possible is the foundation , since this formula supposes the total separation of a series of heritage assets of its founders and contributors to dedicate them permanently to public interest purposes, eliminating the possibility of private profit .

The will of the founders is that the main objective of the foundation is the production, promotion, management, programming and dissemination of theatrical shows aimed at a majority audience. These shows must satisfy the public and general interest, making available to our society an artistic, creative, plural and contemporary form based on aesthetic and civic postulates. The Fundació Teatre del Mar aims to consolidate an Art Theater in Las Illes at the service of the community. We understand as Theater of Art the place of concurrence of the arts that are given to a specific community. By natural evolution, the theater has become a catalyst for creative energy, an infallible indicator of the cultural vitality of a community; a place where a series of responses to shared concerns are manifested, where some members of the community meet to listen to and enjoy what other members of the community offer. Obtaining the support of the public is only possible by offering a production of great interest, with a maximum artistic level and at the lowest possible price.

Along with this main objective, the Fundació Teatre del Mar aims to influence the world of our theatrical world. It aims to be a focus of initiatives that are articulated based on a generous vision of the theatrical event. These initiatives will be specified in all those aspects (theater training, documentation and publication, translation and adaptation, etc.) that can contribute to improve our theatrical panorama. The Fundació Teatre del Mar is not born, nevertheless, with the intention of monopolizing all these actions but with the idea of collaborating with those people or entities that share common objectives.

A public theater funded jointly by public and private institutions will maintain transparent management, because it will seek fair financing, regardless of the requirements of the commercial theater. This concept of theater must also be differentiated from those that enter the institutional field and that depend directly on the public administration.

The Fundació Teatre del Mar intends to last, to project itself towards the future, knowing that the civil society's provision for culture is the result of a continuous and unbroken tendency, of smart planning and  constant, of an accurate, concrete, uninterrupted and serious action.

Presentation of the foundation in Sa Nostra (1993).

Photo: Xavier Garcia Delgado


In addition, some of these personalities made a text expressing with their own words the desire to make the Teatre del Mar reality.

These are some:
" I want to make the impossible and impossible for Teatre del Mar to exist"
Blai Bonet


"Pleased with hope and admiration in the face of the project to equip the Balearic Islands of the Teatre del Mar, I am glad to give my sincere and enthusiastic support"
Miquel Àngel Riera


"I support the initiative of the Teatre del Mar and I've joined here and now for any actions that can be undertaken"
Gabriel Galmés
" I have examined the Teatre del Mar project. I have found the old dream of all those who, in this country, have imagined a deeply rooted theater within our society and that he accomplished the most noble function of dramatic art. A theater, therefore, far removed from consumerism and elitism, and that, in fact, it was popular; a theater of ours and of quality, a sower of restlessness, that, instead of serving it, would serve our people "
Josep Maria Llompart

"Quiero al Teatre del Mar porque frente a las grandes miserias de hoy, de las nuevas imposturas que no se acaban nunca, de las mentiras viejas que nos intoxican des de siempre y, sobre todo, frente a los inacabables explotadores del material vivo, de la naturaleza a los humanos, és una trinchera de combates, de trabajos, de resistencias y de esperanzas de miles de personas amadoras de la cultura como verdadera vida"
 Biel Mesquida

Fundational Goals

The promotion, production, management, programming and dissemination of theatrical shows aimed at a majority audience, based on aesthetic and civic postulates that serve public and general interest, as an expression of an artistic, creative, plural and contemporary.

The extension of activities related to other areas of the performing arts, both in creative aspects and those that refer to the reflection, analysis and dissemination of materials.

The achievement and sustainability of the infrastructures and the technical and professional means necessary for the development of these activities in optimal conditions, as well as the financial resources that must be made possible.

The promotion of all kinds of actions aimed at greater knowledge and dissemination of the performing arts both within the cultural context of the Islands as well as in other cultural fields, especially in what refers to the dissemination of cultural reality of the Islands outside our borders.

The realization of professional training activities, both in terms of art and technical order, in relation and collaboration with other similar institutions.

The collection and conservation of historical and documentary Heritage related to theatrical activities and shows, in order to facilitate their use by scholars and dissemination initiatives directed at the public environment.

Promote all kinds of social action in our environment through the tools that culture and the performing arts contribute in particular in order to influence actions in favor of social welfare.